7 December 2014

Christmas Wreath Making

Here's how to make your own glitter star wreath . . . 

To make this wreath you'll need . . .
* PVA glue
* Pearl head pins
* Wooden stars
* Hairspray
* Gold glitter
* Twine
* Paintbrush
* Scissors
* Glue gun
* Polystyrene wreath base

Step one - cover the polystyrene wreath bath using twine, wrapping it around and using pearl head pins to secure the ends of lengths on the back of the wreath.
Step two - start by covering the wooden stars with PVA glue and then sprinkling with a layer of the glitter. Leave for a few moments and then tap off the excess. Leave to dry completely.
Step three - once the wooden glitter stars have dried cover with a fine layer of hairspray (this will help to keep the glitter in place!), then use a hot glue gun to secure them to the twine covered wreath.

Step four - cut a length of twine and secure to the back of the wreath and then attach to your chosen door. I secured mine by positioning the wreath on the front of the door and then tying the twine to the handle on the back of the door.

6 December 2014

Christmas Tree Time!

The Christmas tree is finally up and decorated, this year we went for rustic/natural looking decorations with a hint of red. 

This year we decided to include some paper chains on the tree after seeing some nice kraft brown ones in Hobbycraft, they have a lovely chevron and snowflake print on them.

I picked up this lovely gold bauble from Asda

I love needle felting . . . I picked up this reindeer from the Christmas Country Living Fair last year, along with a snowman.

Robot bauble from Habitat

Love this natural tree star topper . . . picked this up a few years ago from Wilkinson's

I completely forgot we had these decorations, but they look great on the tree.

I made this bauble decoration last year from air drying clay, and then use ribbon and twine to add extra decoration.

30 November 2014

More Christmas Card Making . . .

These are some more cards that I made for the Hobbycraft Christmas shoot, however this time round I've scaled them up onto a square card.

Here's how to make your own 3-D Christmas Tree Card . . .

To make these cards you'll need . . . 
* Card blanks
* Christmas scrapbooking papers
* Kraft brown paper/card
* Glitter star topper
* Scissors
* Double sided tape

Step one - start by covering your card blank with your chosen paper. I always use double sided tape as there's no drying time, and keeps everything nice and secure.
Step two - Cut two triangles out of the kraft brown card and fold in half. On one of the triangle halves apply some double sided tape. Peel off the backing and secure in place.
Step three - on the remaining triangle and on the opposite half apply double side tape and secure in place, lining it up with the first triangle that you stuck down.
Step four - stick the glitter star topper in place.

The finished cards . . .

For lots more Christmas card designs, make sure to check out my post on the Hobbycraft blog, here.

2 November 2014

Scrapbooking - Project Life

I couldn't resist giving Project Life (by Becky Higgins for American Crafts) a go, inspired by all of the lovely creations I'd seen on Pinterest,, and after some research for work. 

I made an 'Adventure book' for Jason after watching the Pixar film 'Up!'. However, over the past few years it has been somewhat neglected so I decided to update it and give it some love and attention and transform it into something we can add to and look back on in years to come.

After picking up the photos from our recent holiday to Cornwall, I decided it was as good a place as any to start . . . 

I LOVE(!!!!) glitter card at the moment, not quite sure why . . . but it went well with my chosen colour scheme.

I am obsessed with rub on's at the moment (I've been using some by American crafts called Mini Marks) they look great on tracing paper and then overlaid on top of the image.

I've also been experimenting with the tracing paper to create 'pockets' that then hold sequins or confetti. I have made these by stitching along three sides of the card and then adding my message using the rubs on's, add the sequins and then sew the pocket up.

More tracing paper experimentation's . . . this time I used the paper to overlay onto an image and stitched it in place using my sewing machine. I just really liked how the image looked behind it.

I then moved onto transferring all of the pages from the old 'Adventure Book' into the new one . . .

I used wrapping paper for the background of this page from one of Jason's Birthdays.

I've got some many wooden alphabet stamps I decided to put them to good use to annotate some of the pages.

Love these stick on letters!!! (from Hobbycraft)

24 October 2014

Christmas Card Making

This year I've made it my mission to make my own Christmas cards, as I won't be giving too many handmade presents this year. I decided to replicate one of the cards I worked on for Hobbycraft's Christmas shoot. . . 

 Here's how to make your very own sparkly Christmas tree card . . .

To make these cards you'll need -
* Card blanks
* Christmas scrapbooking papers
* Double sided tape
* Tacky glue
* Green + brown felt
* Gold self adhesive star
* Invisible thread + needle
* Christmas sentiment
* Scissors

Step one - start by covering your card blank with your chosen paper. I always use double sided tape as there's no drying time, and keeps everything nice and secure.
Step two - cut tree shapes out of the green felt and small rectangles from the brown felt (this will be the trees trunk).
Step three - thread your needle with a length of the invisible thread and make a knot on the end. Stitch one sequin on at a time over the green felt tree.

Step four - Once you've added all of your sequins, apply a thin line of tacky glue on one of the short sides of the brown pieces of felt and secure to the back of the green felt tree at the base, centrally. Leave to dry (around 10 minutes should do the trick).
Step five - Cover the back of the tree and trunk with the tacky glue and place centrally on the card. Leave until completely dry.
Step six - secure the glitter star to the top of the tree, and place your Christmas sentiment centrally at the base of the tree. Voila! you have yourself a Christmas card!

For lots more Christmas card designs, make sure to check out my post on the Hobbycraft blog, here.

4 October 2014

Goldie & Copper

I'm pleased to say that Goldie and Copper have settled in well over the past five months that we've had them. We've discovered that they're quite characterful buns! For some reason they're obsessed with trying to get into the house, although they've recently been banned after Copper decided to chew through Jason's surround sound speaker cable which didn't go down too well!

 As the nights are drawing in they've both got there extra fluffy coats coming through, and love snuggling up next to one and other in their hutch. We were cleaning them out the other night, and the light was perfect for taking a few snaps, so decided to grab the camera . . .

29 September 2014

Craft Room

My craft room has been a work in progress since we moved into our house almost a year ago. I wanted to have an inspiration wall in the room, with all of the things that I like and inspire me, it's been slowly growing, and I think it's pretty much there, although there is space for a few more additions . . . 

Clockwise from top -
Faux Taxidermy Knit Fox by Sincerely Louise
Woodland Cross Stitch Sampler (stitched by me) pattern by Penelope Waits
Fox print by Belle & Boo
Donkey Free Machine Embroidery Piece by Poppy Treffry
Woodland Walk Print by Belle & Boo
Fox print by JooJoo
Rabbit Cross Stitch (stitched by me) pattern by Sewing Seed
Together Picnic Scene Print by Belle & Boo
Crafty Like a Fox Cross Stitch (stitched by me) pattern by Penelope Waits

I've also been collecting bits and pieces whilst on my travels around the UK this summer, this felt elephant by Scandi-Chic is by far my favourite find.

Make sure to stay tuned for my crafty finds . . .

14 September 2014

Cornwall Holibobs

Some of my favourite snaps from our holibobs in Cornwall. . . 

Kynance Cove

Kynance Cove

Lizard Point

Lizard Point



Penrose Estate Gardens

St Michael's Mount

St Michael's Mount

St Ives

St Ives

Loe Bar Beach

Coastal Path in Porthleven

Coastal Path in Porthleven

Coastal Path in Porthleven